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Toilet Repair

Try living in a home with a broken toilet, it can make life very difficult. No one really values a toilet more than when its out of order. Remember how you felt the last time you walked into a restaurant or business, and you were told the toilet was not operating. It's horrible; and we don't want you going through that again especially in your home. Instead of being overwhelmed with discomfort give us a call. We’ll come take the strain on ourselves so you can get back to your regular life. By giving us a call at 1(213) 949-4202 , you’re calling plumbers who can solve any toilet issue you're having. We are skilled and experienced at troubleshooting anything that comes our way.

We're here when you need help installing a new toilet or you’re just looking for some help on a remodeling project, we are “That Company” who will always provide you with a solution. And to the restaurant you walked in with the toilet out of service, make sure you give them our number; we also cater to commercial buildings.

Experiencing any of the following complications, we will fix them.

  • Toilet refills itself when it was not flushed
  • Hissing sound
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Leaking toilet
  • Slow Weak flushing
  • Clog toilet
  • Anything else, You Name It, We Can Handle It!!

    Toilet Installation

    High Speed Rooter understands that toilet installations are considered to be simple tasks. Nonetheless, we take every installation seriously. Simple as it may be, any improper setup can result in toilet malfunctions. Here at High Speed Rooter we know that every family has different needs which is why we're here to help you install any habilitating accessories to your restroom when you need them.


    We value all of our clients, and keep every client's info confidential. We enjoy helping our clients find the proper appliances necessary for their situation; we are well versed in assisted accessories not only in restrooms but all over the home. Our plumbing technicians know how to install toilet attachments or railing for a person with a disability. In Addition, our plumbers will always remain professional and keep all information between themselves and the client to prevent any discomfort.

    Discussing toilet plumbing can be an uncomfortable topic however we will try our best to comfort any client who may have difficulties expressing their concerns for such a topic. We understand restrooms are a safe private area, but High Speed Rooter strives for a confidential and professional relationship between client and company. We wish to radiate a feeling of confidentiality when you allow us to service your home.


    • Sue B.
      High Speed rooter service was very professional! They installed our water softener system and fixed our kitchen sink at a very fair price! I am super happy with their service and will recommend to family and friends! Thank you for your service!
      Sue B.
      Downy, CA
    • Joe W.
      These guys are great. They offered a free visual inspection and quote, so I gave them a try. The plumber was professional and helpful. He waited around with me and discussed what the problem might be, while my tenant was taking his sweet time on the toilet. In the end, he did a great job at a good price. I'll be calling these guys again if anything needs fixing.
      Joe W.
      Alhambra, CA
    • Martha A.
      Excellent Service!!! This is probably one of the best service that I received from the HSR team was great. They were available to come solve the problem in a short notice. They work in a fast pace and the team is great. High speed rooter is the best highly recommend.
      Martha A.
      South Los Angeles, CA
    • Claudette R.
      These guys are great! We had a complete repipe of our house and these guys were able to complete the job in a timely manner, passed inspection, clean up the job site, and remained within the estimated price. They are so respectful and personable. I recommend them highly!
      Claudette R.
      Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    Serving the Greater Los Angeles area


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